If you're looking for the best gifts for grandma under $50 you have come to the right place.

At Culturion we are constantly coming up with creative designs that celebrate being a grandparent and all that it means.

Just because our Parents are getting older doesn't mean they have to lose their uniqueness or sense of humor. With that in mind, we create some of the funniest designs for all sorts of different interests, from Knitting, to Camping, Cruising and beyond.

How do we come up with the funny sayings on our designs? Well, luckily we are funny guys and it makes the whole process a little easier. 

Typically we find funny jokes and see how we can apply them to your interest. Kinda like those 2 guys that were walking down the street, one walked into a bar, the other one ducked.

We have to think of things differently in order to put something together that you will love.

But really, this isn't about us! This is about getting the best Gifts for Grandma, and it's my hope that we can help you in that process. If there is something that you'd love for us to design for you or you need something customised, be sure to reach out to us, as we'd be more than happy to help :D

The 5 Best Gifts for Grandma Under $50

Our first in the list is focused on Cruising! What better way to celebrate being a grandparent then getting on board a massive ship to nowhere!

If your Grandma loves cruising then you'll definitely need to check out one of the growing number products in our Cruising Grandma's collection.

1. Nauti Grandma 

Gifts for Grandma

Does your grandma like to cruise...a LOT?! Then this is the bracelet for her. A tongue in cheek design for grandma's with a personality!

2. Drink Up Stitches

Gifts for Grandma

Our "Drink Up Stitches" Coffee tumbler is perfect for the grandma's that LOVE to Knit and who like to have a little fun!

3. Nauti Knitters 

Gifts for Grandma

Does Grandma like to Knit on her cruises? Let her tell the world with this 1 of a kind tee. 

4. Retirement Plan - Camping

Gifts for Grandma

I'm only 35 but I tell you, I look forward to those day where there is nothing to do but follow some yellow lines to the next destination to fall asleep under the stars. Ah the serenity. 

This is the one of the best gifts for grandma if she loves that camping life. Or...that trailer life! 

5. Knotty Girls Go Yarning

Gifts for Grandma

Again, we have a Knotty Girls knitting tank, or tee, or hoodie. A great shirt for adding humor to any knitting circle that Grandma might be attending!


I will continually come back and update this article with new products we launch for our Grandma's. As I mentioned earlier, if you would like us to custom design something for you please do not hesitate to contact us, we'd be more than happy to help get something together for you!